A New Year

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This isn’t as much as a year in review for 2015, but all the things I look forward to doing in 2016.


So 2015 was a big year for me. I gave so many talks and got to meet a whole bunch of other speakers. This was definitly a year where I felt like I grew the most as a speaker and developer. If you’re looking to become a better speaker or get into being a dev advocate, defintily checkout this talk by Ben Orenstein

I also got to be on a bunch of podcasts, Adventurs In Angular, AngularAir, as well as the Web Platform Podcast. All of which were really fun and felt like a big growth for me personally.

Finally one of the coolest things to happen was being accepted into the Google Developer Experts program.

Go figure, I’m an expert

It’s an amazing program, filled with other amazing developers and it’s quite an honour to be a part of.


Now while 2015 was great, 2016 is shaping up to be an even better year with big changes to my life.

I’m moving

As much as I love Rhode Island, I am moving out west to the Bay Area. This is something that I thought would be pretty easy for me but is turning out to be really hard. Rhode Island has been the only home I’ve known so it’s hard for to leave, but it’s something I feel like I need to do. No apartment yet, but will be heading out soon to find one and eventually start my new life out there.

More Speaking

As busy as last year was with conferences, this year is already shaping up to be just as busy. I head out the California to go apartment hunting, then on my way back, I make a quick stop in Utah for Phonegap Day. There’s a whole bunch of conferences going on as well, plus some other GDE related events that I’ll be attending so life will be very busy, but I’ll love every bit of it.

More Open Source

While working for Ionic, I get to participate in open source every day. While that may seem to be enogh for some, I really want to step up my contribution to any open source project. Whether it’s helping out with issues, making PRs, or even helping fund the development, like I currently do for NeoVim. I just want to do more for this community

More Time for myself

Open source if great and very rewarding…. but very exhausting. Now this seem very contradictory to what I said before, but I want to spend more time away from my laptop. Since I’ll be out in California, maybe plan for a few days away, with no phone or anything, but just to hangout and do some rock climbing. Who knows, but at least something to enjoy MY time. I have this fear of burning out way to early in life and never being able to contribute as much as I could.

So that’s all for now. It is the weekend so, time to close the laptop and enjoy the Sun