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Mike Hartington | @mhartington

Before we jump into things...

Ionic Recap!

SDK for Developing Hybrid Apps

Fast and Native Feeling apps

CLI for all your needs

Premium tools for even more

We the web

100% built on web tech

What about?

JS => Native

or even 100% native?

great options, but I'm a web developer!

The Web is Thriving

Right in the center of it

So for slides: that's it...

So let's go for a demo

But wait, there's more

Maybe you've heard of Progressive Web Apps?

Web Apps that act like native

Installed on the homescreen

Offline functionality

Out of the box setup with Ionic

Same Cordova App, just deployed via the web

No App Store, No Review Process

Parting words

Ionic gives developers the best abilities

Build for Native and for the Web

Everyone wins!

Thank you!

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